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The new government formed after the last municipal elections of 2019 is reviving the agreement that we called 'Plan Larios' in its day and that at the end of 2016 gave rise to the citizens platform 'Another Maro and Nerja is possible'.
It is a mixed agreement of 'accounts adjustments' between the company SALSL Inmobiliaria, owned by the Larios family, and the council of Nerja, and of an change to the General Urban Planning Plan of the municipality in order to adapt it to the planning interests of the company with its land around Maro. The plans have been made public in the middle of the coronavirus crisis.
On this 200 hectare area of ​​great historical and cultural value (currently under protection) which borders the Natural Park of the Maro-Cerro Gordo cliffs and the Sierra Tejeda and Almijara Natural Park, SALSL threatens to develop a golf course project of 18 holes, 680 luxury apartments and several exclusive hotels. An irreversible change for this area with the greatest scenic and cultural value on the entire Malaga coastline. Anyone who has visited the area can bear witness to this.
We denounce the irresponsibility of a political, legislative and judicial system that allows itself to annul, at the request of Larios and only on formalities, all of the regulations that in recent decades have done nothing but strengthen the protection of the lands that Larios plans radically to transform (Plan for the Protection of the Andalusian Littoral Corridor, Plan for the Planning of the Territory of Axarquía and Special Plan for the Protection of the Historic Site of the Picturesque landscape of Maro).
If, taking advantage of the fortuitous protection vacuum, the urban planning procedure begins, when in time political sanity returns there will be nothing to recover, the values ​​that have been protected with so much regulatory insistence will have been sacrificed, and with it one of the best strongholds of the Spanish Mediterranean coast that had escaped the whirlwind of urbanisation.
That is why from the platform 'Another Maro and Nerja is Possible' - made up of people with different political opinions and from different sectors of society who value our privileged environment - demands that the municipal government imposes a moratorium and settles its debts with the company without mortgaging the future of Nerja and that it set to work, with the same effort, to find another development model for the Maro area instead of resorting to the usual destructive expedient of construction.
In its day, the platform has already delivered a list of alternative measures to revitalise the area to all political groups.

If you have not already done so, sign our manifesto here


Platform Communication Group ‘Another Maro and Nerja is Possible’

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